Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pesto Chicken Calzones

Another Triana recipe. Again Fabulous! Again no recipe, so this is just the general idea.

Pesto Chicken Calzones

1 can artichoke hearts
jarred pesto
Rhodes rolls or pizza dough
mozzarella cheese

Pizza sauce
Pesto Cream Sauce (pesto mixed with heavy cream and heated)
for dipping

If you are using rolls, let rolls rise, I used two per calzone- (they were not huge, but a good individual serving size, my husband could have eaten two, had he not just been on a diet.) Meanwhile, drain artichoke hearts and quarter them. Brown chicken in a skillet (I use olive oil and garlic), cut chicken into small peices, combine with jarred pesto to taste, (I used a couple spoonfuls I think.) and artichoke hearts.
Flatten rolls using your finger, place chicken mixture along with shredded cheese onto one roll, and top with another flattened roll. Pinch close.
Brush with olive oil and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.
Serve with your choice of dipping sauce.

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