Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freezer Meals

I recently posted on FB about making 30 freezer meals. These were not 30 different meals, but 6 different meals that made 30 meals for my family. It was a lot of work. But so worth it! I have LOVED having things to pull out of the freezer. The "meal" isn't really a complete meal, in fact, it is just the meat portion, because I serve fresh produce with each meal. But, having pre-marinated, or pre-made meats has been such a time saver.

I made:

Orange Thai Beef (I just threw marinade in with cut up beef, and I have made it as a stir-fry with the peppers and asparagus). This was absolutely fabulous. This blog- is amazing. Everything I have tried off there is wonderful!

I made mini turkey meatloaves

Two kinds of chicken, which I put rubs on that I purchased at Whole Foods (tequilla lime and italian herb)

The italian herb I have used in this (http:// pasta, and it was really good

The tequilla lime I plan to use in fajitas. I'll post my guac. recipe some time soon.

And mexican turkey burgers:

I froze all these in freezer bags, in portions for my family. This is something I will be doing on a regular basis. So I will keep updating with more freezer friendly meals.

(And just so you know, my posts have been less frequent because I have been doing a special health diet, and I promise you don't want to eat this way...)